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 Pregnancy In The Face Of Inflation

By marzo 9, 2023abril 25th, 2023240 Comments

In today’s economy, an unplanned pregnancy can cause a great deal of stress due to the large rise in inflation. The increase in prices for baby formula, maternity and baby clothing and other material items can seem overwhelming. 

One woman’s story

Alma is a 27-year-old unhoused woman whose pregnancy test recently came back positive. She got worried after learning she was expecting, after already losing custody of her eight-year-old son. Alma wasn’t planning to carry a child that soon. She also wondered how she would afford the pregnancy because raising a child is quite costly.

Like Alma, you might be worried you won’t be able to meet your baby’s needs financially. But in Texas there are free resources and support available.

Texas Pregnancy Care Network (TPCN) has a network of over 170 provider locations throughout the state of Texas that offer support when an unplanned pregnancy arises. Numerous resources are available to help ease the financial burden that comes with carrying a child. Material assistance is available including:

  • Diapers
  • Baby formula
  • Food
  • Baby and maternity clothing
  • Furniture
  • Temporary shelter

TPCN Pregnancy providers also offer counseling, information on adoption, parenting classes and assistance with education and career decisions. 

While working with her case worker, Alma learned about how to be a great mother. She was given resources to learn about how to safely care for her child and was even able to begin taking classes to help her transition to self-sufficiency.

With costs constantly rising, you may feel overwhelmed to be expecting a child. But help is available. None of TPCN’s Providers charge fees for these services to the eligible women and families they serve. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Texas Pregnancy Care Network connects women in crisis pregnancies across Texas to free resources and support. Visit or call 877-345-7734 to find a local pregnancy care provider near you.


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