In Need of Free Formula for Babies?

Having a baby can be expensive from both the pregnancy and motherhood. If you aren’t in the best financial situation, it can be really hard to keep up with getting all of the baby supplies you will need as soon as your baby is born. From diapers to formula, you might not have enough money to cover these supplies as well as food or maternity clothing for yourself.

The Texas Pregnancy Care Network, we strive to help pregnant women who are financially struggling get the resources they need. This includes food and maternity clothing, as well as free newborn diapers and free formula for babies. These are some of the most essential items any mother needs to take care of their baby.

Free Formula for Babies

With formula becoming harder and harder to get nowadays, we are still handing out free baby formula to many of the women we help. Baby formula might be something you are anxious about even managing to get, and it may be one of those things that is steering you away from keeping your baby. When you seek help from one of our affiliated pregnancy centers in the state of Texas, you can request free formula for babies when you need it.

Free Newborn Diapers

Diapers are also one of the most important items you will need for your child. They can be expensive though, especially when your baby goes through 10 diapers a day for their entire first year. So, if you are in need of diapers to get through your child’s first few months or a year, we offer free newborn diapers to the many women we help daily.

If you are in need of any other baby supplies or any other resources that you are not able to afford at the moment, reach out to us and we will be sure to find any way in which we can help.