What to do if you have an unplanned pregnancy

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When you find out you are unexpectedly pregnant, you might be feeling a mix of different emotions. You may be feeling anxious and upset and not know where to turn. But help is available.

With over 170 TPCN Providers conveniently located throughout Texas, the Texas Pregnancy Care Network connects women in need with free access to a network of providers across the state who provide services for unplanned pregnancies.


Providers all over Texas offer a comfortable atmosphere and non-judgmental support for pregnant women. This includes:

  • Free confidential counseling 
  • Information on adoption
  • Pregnancy and parenting classes in both English and Spanish
    • Topics include water safety, potty training, and positive discipline 
  • Assistance with education and career decisions
  • Referrals to other community agencies and medical resources

Materials Assistance

TPCN gave out more than 1.4 million material items just last year, including maternity and baby clothes, formula, packs of diapers, baby furniture and more.

How to Get Help

45% of pregnancies are unplanned in the United States.* You are not alone in what you are going through, so seek the help you need. Texas pregnancy providers are there to help women like you. No matter how far along and no matter what your decision is on keeping the baby, we will be a support system for you.

For immediate help, please visit texaspregnancy.org or call 877-345-7734.



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