Why Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling Is So Important

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Pregnancy support involves giving you the care you require and deserve while pregnant. According to the CDC, out of the pregnancies reported from teens aged 15 and 19 years, 75% were unintended. Medical experts recommend booking an appointment immediately after you realize you are pregnant, so you can get the support you need. Read on to find out why unplanned pregnancy counseling is crucial and can be helpful for all ages.

To Acquire Accurate Information

In today’s digital world, where nearly everybody can easily access information, it’s important to know the difference between accurate and biased information. Professional unplanned pregnancy counseling gives you unbiased and evidence-based information about your pregnancy and the available options.

To Get Reliable Emotional Support

Often, your loved ones will base their opinions upon what works for them without regard for what is good for you. You don’t have to feel threatened, unsafe, or pushed into any specific pregnancy decision by your parents, partner, or even friends. If you want non-judgmental, emotional support, seek it from safe people who focus on your best interests. The ideal unplanned pregnancy counseling professional should make you feel encouraged, heard, and protected. Experts say women who enjoy good emotional support during pregnancy experience fewer preterm births and less postpartum depression.

To Gain Clarity and Confidence

Unplanned pregnancy counseling is crucial because it allows you to gather clarity and confidence. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after an unplanned pregnancy. Getting pregnancy support helps you break things down into small steps. Professionals also walk with you throughout the pregnancy.

After receiving precise information about the pregnancy, you can evaluate your options. Further, getting emotional, practical, and trustworthy support gives you the clarity and confidence you require to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

To Remain Healthy

Unplanned pregnancy counseling enhances your physical health in various ways such as:

  • Free food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Referrals for medical prenatal care
  • Referral for STD testing
  • Practical and emotional support that promotes your physical health

Attending prenatal care appointments can increase your chances of a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Find a pregnancy support resource today at texaspregnancy.org. 



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